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If A Friend Or Family Member Has Been Arrested, Can You Help?

If a friend or family member has just been arrested, then please call us straight away. We can make contact with the custody sergeant at the relevant police station and speak to the arrested person. If they agree to representation, then we can then attend the police station when the police are ready to interview.

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A Typical Scenario Example

What To Expect When A Family Member Is Arrested

1 Step

Dr Jones gets arrested at his home address by police, as he is wanted for his suspected involvement in a criminal damage allegation. His family present seem very distressed from observing this arrest taking place.

2 Step

He enters the police custody suite whereby his rights are administered by custody staff. His family are not sure as to whether or not he has opted for a solicitor at this point.

Police Car
interview women

3 Step

A concerning family member contacts us with a view of providing him with representation in the interview.

4 Step

We contact the police custody suite and explain that we have third party instructions from the family to deal with the case. The police inform us that he has not nominated either an ‘own’ or ‘duty’ solicitor for the interview and that it is his choice.

5 Step

The police at this point upon our request inform Dr Jones out of courtesy that we have called in to see if he wishes to change his mind and take up our offer of representation. Dr Jones then changes his mind and agrees to accept this offer of representation.

6 Step

We then proceed to attend the police station to advise and assist Dr Jones with his interview.

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"Absolutely outstanding, I usually don’t trust some websites because you never know if they would get back to you and yet alone in the time needed. Considering it is a 24-hour service, it really did comply; I had called early hours in the morning and had an automatic response. Mr Bunker himself, from SJB Legal is very understanding, and wastes no time in fulfilling your needs and concerns, whether it be to call the necessary people needed, to book an appointment, to travel distance to be at a police interview, he is on task. I can sincerely say I am very grateful. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. The outcome of this service has enabled my case to be dropped. Impeccable. "

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