Specialist Defence Solicitors For Sexual Offences In London

Have you been invited to a police interview under caution?

Although sexual offences are hard to prove, this also means accusations are easy to make without any hard evidence. Being wrongly accused of a sexual offence can have a devastating impact on your self-esteem, family and career. 

With the right legal support, you can stop an investigation from progressing any further. 

Although you will be entitled to free independent legal advice, a solicitor in such a case is unlikely to provide any extra assistance. SJB Legal Consultants Ltd has solicitors committed exclusively to privately funded cases. This means we do everything possible to bring about a positive outcome. 

You know you are innocent, and you deserve to have a professional solicitor to fight your corner. It is best not to wait until a case goes to court before seeking help.

Located in London, SJB Legal Consultants Ltd provide exceptional legal advice in police and regulatory authority interviews under caution. 

We always take a proactive approach, with our overriding aim always to help you avoid any form of prosecution. Whether you or a family member has been accused of a sexual offence, it’s our job to provide legal advice in any situation. 

Find out more about our defence solicitors for sexual offences in London. Or get in touch for more information on any of our services.