Seeking Pre-Charge Representations For The Early Stages Of An Investigation?

Although conviction rates are low for accusations of sexual assault, it is best not to be lulled into a false sense of security. 

The earlier you seek legal representation when invited for a police interview under caution, the better. At the end of the day, even a formal interview means you are a suspect, even if you know you are completely innocent. 

Contrary to common misconceptions, the police are not always impartial and can influence a CPS decision to prosecute a case to court. 

It is also important to remember the investigation and the decision-making processes involved in accusations of sexual assaults can take months and is some cases years. You want to prevent it from going any further, with pre-charge representations you will stand the best chance of not being prosecuted to court.

When your good name, reputation and career is at stake, legal support can make all the difference. 

Legal advice in the early stages of criminal litigation is the best way to stop it in its tracks. 

‘Pre-charge representations’ refers to someone who is under investigation for a criminal offence and is yet to be charged. 

When it comes to pre-charge representations, we take a proactive approach with an aim to avoid a criminal conviction. 

SJB Legal Consultants also offer support with pre-charge engagement, providing confidential legal advice.

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