Lawyers For Voluntary Interviews Regarding Indecent Exposure

It is crucial not to downplay the importance of a voluntary police interview. Going without good legal representation can be extremely risky. 

Many people feel confident because they know they are innocent but accusations like indecent exposure often have many grey areas.

Following on from a voluntary/caution plus 3 interview, the police or crown prosecution service will make a decision as to whether or not to prosecute.  Whilst it might be framed as a casual chat by police, having a lawyer can make all the difference as to whether your case goes any further.

If you are being interviewed regarding an incident linked to indecent exposure, you want to ensure nothing is misconstrued. Early engagement can change the course of an entire investigation.

SJB Legal Consultants Ltd can not only provide legal advice. Our lawyers always look at any lines of enquiry we feel are beneficial to your case and assist with your defence.

Our lawyers provide exceptional legal advice and support for those accused of sexual offences. 

We help clients across London facing accusations of many types of sexual offence, including rape, indecent images, causing sexual activity without consent, abuse of a position of trust and prostitution. With our reliable and honest support, we can help prevent a prosecution that would otherwise harm your reputation.

Want to know more? We are happy to provide a free no obligation consultation. 

If you have been accused of indecent exposure, contact our lawyers for more information today.