Five Reasons To Hire A Solicitor For A Police Interview

Hiring a solicitor for a police interview is beneficial for several reasons. Here are five reasons to hire our solicitors/legal representatives if you have been accused of a sexual offence in London:

  1. You will benefit from our legal expertise in this area. We have an in-depth legal knowledge of sexual offences, including indecent images, sexual abuse, historic sexual abuse, sexual assault, indecent assault and rape. That means that we can provide valuable guidance and advice during a police interview. Our solicitors can help you fully understand the allegation(s) made against you, take your account in response to this and provide first-rate legal advice in preparation for your police interview.
  1. SJB Legal Consultants Ltd work hard to protect your rights. Our solicitors will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the interview process, whether it is a police or regulatory authority interview under caution. They can advise you on whether it is in your best interests to remain silent by answering no comment to questions, to openly speak or to put forward a prepared statement at the start of the interview process before answering no comment to questions thereafter.
  1. We help you remain calm throughout the process. Our solicitors can help you remain calm and objective during the interview. When you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed, it is easier to make mistakes that could lead to things being misinterpeted by the police. 
  1. You will have the most professional legal representation available. Having a solicitor present during the interview can demonstrate to the police that you are taking the matter seriously by having professional legal assistance by your side.
  1. If needed, we can help you develop a strategy: This includes helping you present your case effectively.

If you need a solicitor for a police interview, discover more reasons to choose SJB Legal Consultants Ltd or contact our team today.