Do you require legal representation for a police interview concerning a sexual offence

Police interviews are the most important part of the criminal investigation process.

Having first-rate legal representation can prove to be invaluable, not to mention the fact it makes the process less stressful.

This is particularly true when you are accused of a sexual offence. Many people do not realise that when invited in for a caution plus 3 interviews or arrested, they are entitled to legal advice. This can have a beneficial impact on the case outcome.

Even if a police interview is conducted on a voluntary basis, the investigating police officer’s role is one of impartiality meaning that they have to be fair in their approach to the investigation.

When instructing SJB Legal Consultants Ltd to provide legal representation please rest assure that you will have a leading criminal defence expert who specialises in sexual offences.

All of our professionals are exceptional when it comes to attention to detail.

Our representatives are available on a 24/7 basis for attendances at police interviews across the UK.

We do everything possible to ensure that our client’s best interests are protected and that they have the professional support that they need.

Our legal representatives are knowledgeable and on hand to answer any questions that you have. They will provide you with the best legal advice options for your particular case.

You want a solicitor present who will protect your rights from the outset.

 If you subsequently have to face court proceedings we also consult for a specialist criminal defence law firm we will introduce you to. Our representative will then be able to continue assisting with your case for continuity.

If you require legal representation for a sexual offence, please contact us for more information.