Been Invited In For A Police Interview And Need Legal Advice?

If you have never been invited in for a police interview before, it is easy to think that it is just a casual chat. This is because the police will often phrase it in that way. However, many people do not take it seriously to their detriment. 

In instances regarding a sexual offence, there are often grey areas which can get you into trouble. You want to ensure your innocence is always protected by the best possible legal advice and support.

SJB Legal Consultants Ltd provides expert legal advice for anyone attending a voluntary police interview regarding a sexual offence.  

You can rely on our sexual offence solicitors to handle your case with the utmost confidence. With our prompt, around-the-clock service, you will never feel alone in what is a difficult situation.

With our team having over 15 years of experience in this area, you will always be in safe hands. 

We handle accusations regarding many common sexual offences, including one of the most reported of all assaults: rape, which accounts for 37% of all sexual offences recorded by the police.

Being accused of this type of offence is particularly distressing and often it is only one person’s word against another. Our sexual offence lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of the law in relation to rape and do everything possible to keep clients well-informed.

If you have been invited to a voluntary police interview, simply contact our friendly team for more information.