If I Exercise My Right to Legal Advice, What are the Benefits of Your Service?

It is vital to have legal representation, which is one of your main rights. It is against the law for the police to dissuade you otherwise.

There has been an increase in the recent years for police to deal with people on a Voluntary/Caution Plus 3 interview basis if there is no ‘necessity’ to arrest.

We appreciate the stressful situation that people can face and that prosecution can be life changing.

What are the Benefits in such a Service?

Firstly your lawyer may be provided with a pre interview disclosure document, which will outline in summary the evidence they think they have against you.

Your legal team can request this before any scheduled interview. You will instantly be at an advantage by knowing what the case is about.

This summary will generally include the brief circumstances surrounding the allegation to which the strengths and weaknesses of the case can be considered.

We will then have ample time to take your instructions in response to the allegation(s) in a private consultation prior to the commencement of interview.

In this consultation we can establish potential witnesses who will need to be spoken to and the securing of any evidence that may support your defence.

We can then be in the best position to give you the appropriate legal advice for interview with consideration to all of the above.

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